modern peacock pocketfold

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here is one of my latest peacock creations! a new take on the peacock invite in pocket fold format and fresh modern colors–super chic!


modern peacock pocketfold

peacock pocket fold invitation


  1. Ashley Hollns said,

    These are beautiful and the borders and paper be a different color. My wedding is a peacock theme… but it leans more toward teh jewel tones. Please feel free to cotnact me at anytime.

  2. Jeanette Aponte said,

    Helping my friend plan her wedding and she has decided on the peacock colors…. Primarily the deep purple color with the deep blue jewel tone as a complement… Can you tell me how much this invitation runs for?

  3. Melissa Hernandez said,

    Love this theme!
    How do you manage to tied up the lace behind?

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