virtual bridal shower!

Posted in wedding invites at 10:58 am by meant to be sent

well this is just super fun…some of my twitter pals had the fab idea to throw our friend abby at life in the superburbs a virtual wedding shower centered around a super sweet quilt that was made by an amazing etsy shop. the quilt was made using a quote or advice submitted by each one of us “blogs-maids”… one of my quotes is in the pic below and the rest of the fabulous quilt squares can be seen from the other gals on their blogs listed below…and the complete quilt is posted on abby’s blog here!

join us all in congratulating abby and wishing her and her husband-to-be the best of luck…and share some of your own advice or quotes with her too!

and this just in…andrea put together this super sweet virtual invite! join the party!

Kim – @bridegoggles

Sofia – @brancoprata

Suzy – @dognbird

Magalie – @weddingsandpretty

Alison – @theknottybride

Andrea – @qwynethpaige

Brit – @landlockedbride

Angela – @swatchbookwed

Katie – @katiesaeger

Naomi – @NaomiVGoodman



  1. Brancoprata said,

    It was such a pleasure to do this with you sweetie ;))))

    • meant to be sent said,

      thanks so much! you too!!

  2. Brit said,

    Oh yaya! It was so fun to be a part of this with you! Love your quote!

    • meant to be sent said,

      thanks brit! you too…this was such a fab idea!

  3. There’s nothing more priceless than a love that lasts a lifetime! Such a wonderful quote. xo’s Magalie

  4. Great quote! This whole thing was bushels of fun, wasn’t it! :)

    • meant to be sent said,

      thanks! yes it was :)

  5. Emily said,

    What an absolutely wonderful gift idea. I just love this idea, it is so heartfelt and makes a wonderful keepsake.

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