tuesday shoesday

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this week i have another pick from one of my recent shopping trips to nordstrom’s which has a FABULOUS shoe department…so i couldn’t resist snapping a bunch of shots for my tuesday shoesday files! this pick caught my eye because i have a shirt (a super fun target find) that incorporates a design just like these fun zipper details…which is a trend that seems to be popping up all over lately! and you know i love the texture with the touch of metallic sparkle! these cute flats by  halogen come in a bunch of colors and look pretty darn comfy! :) enjoy!



  1. Those are so cute & look so comfy!

  2. Love this out and about Shoesday post! Will vote for you asap!

    • meant to be sent said,

      it’s super fun and all the more reason to go shopping! :D thanks so much for the vote too!!!!!

  3. These are great versatile flats!

  4. I love these! I am totally obsessed with zippers.

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