thursday purseday…late, but worth the wait

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admittedly, i am not quite in the groove with thursday purseday yet…but i will get there! to make up for my tardiness (and lack of posts!) i am featuring three FABULOUS new arrivals. two from kate spade and one from a new found etsy fave of mine, oatmeal and lace.

first up, the lovely frosted felt treesh by kate spade. a fantastic combination of shiny and soft with some sparkle. and as usual the sweet interior liner. LOVE.


another kate spade cutie, but decidedly more glam…the night sky dolly. perfect for the upcoming holiday season or any fab night on the town.

keep your eyes peeled for many many more kate spade picks…there are so many great new styles it was really hard to choose!


and this cutie by oatmeal and lace falls right in line with the cozy theme…i just love the flower detail and the peek of the pattern liner! be sure to check out the rest of her super cute styles too!


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