MTH update and a deal

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hi everyone! ok, so this is looooonnnng overdue. i have been meaning to do a post with an update since attending making things happen in chicago back in january. i can hardly believe it has been almost a year since the intensive! a lot has happened since then, and a lot more to come… if i could just find a way to fit it all in this year so i could say i did it all in my-making-things-happen year! but that’s just me… i want to do it all as soon as humanly possible. which is funny, because i am actually a super patient person…but, patient with other people, not so much with myself. when it comes to my goals (and generally anything i am excited about)…instant gratification is always preferred. :) but i have learned to be patient even with myself this year…at least more than usual. for instance, despite me bursting with excitement every single day about a million and one things, i have painstakingly researched many new ideas and adventures (including my own branding and site refresh…coming soon!!!) until i have basically reached the end of the internet, no matter how much i wanted to just get going on well, everything. now that’s patience! or just good business sense? either way, i have learned a ton and am excited for what is to come!

since attending MTH, i have learned a lot about myself, my business and what i want it to be. i have developed an AMAZING network of friends who are each completely brilliant wedding pros and i am constantly amazed at the willingness to share and help each other out. i. love. that.

that sentiment speaks to exactly who i am…and always have been. i have always been one to help someone else succeed, give them a tip, teach them something new or share whatever i have. that’s just me. which brings me to the deal :)

i recently announced that i would (officially) begin offering design + branding services to wedding pros and other small businesses. truth is, i have always done this, but on more of a freelance or corporate level thru my day job. but, being able to work with other creative professionals as clients in the wedding industry, is definitely where it is at for me! i get excited and all fired up every time i think about it :D

so, i got to thinking. since i heart sharing and all of you wedding pros and making things happen…i want to offer my design + branding services at a special DISCOUNTED RATE TO ALL MAKING THINGS HAPPEN ALUMNI + FUTURE ATTENDEES! yup. i want to help you all make big things happen with your brand and your business. that’s what this is all about. i absolutely LOVE branding and would love nothing more than the chance to work with other super motivated business owners that are excited to take their brand to the next level. it’s my way of giving back and sharing my little piece of MTH.

so how does this work?
i thought a fun way to get to know your stories, who’s interested and who’s who, would be to snap a picture of your official MTH notebook and post them here! i will take all of these images and make a super fun collage as they come in and keep updating them as they come! how fun is that?!

of course after i receive your post, i will get in touch to learn more about you and your brand…or, feel free to just contact me any time to chat!

how much?
for now, please contact me directly for discounted pricing. it’s pretty darn good. that’s all :)


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