NSS recap…here we go!

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holy moly…it has been exactly 1 month since my last blog post…actually, anyone that’s been following along lately knows that in the last 3-4 months posts have been few and far between as i got ready to exhibit at my very first national stationery show.

but i’m back!! and ready for a tell-all, mega-post about the before, during and after…

so this is going to be an epic multi-part post because i had originally planned to do progress posts with lots of pics as i prepared for the show…but, um yea. that didn’t happen! so i am going to try to cover it all now…

i EVEN became pretty much twitter-less in the months leading up to the show…trying to minimize distractions and well, mostly just because it took pretty much every minute i had to get ready for this beast-of-a-show! it. was. pure. insanity. but i did it…and am SO excited with how it all turned out…

so read on for commentary, random tips and details, the nitty gritty and behind the scenes looks…and of course how it all came together at the show!

and PLEASE let me know if you have any questions you’d like answered…though i am planning to cover pretty much everything under the sun! :)

here goes!

this all started about a year ago…i decided last may (at least in my head) that i wanted to exhibit this year. so i took whirlwind, 36-hour trip to NSS 2010 to walk the show one more time before i officially decided to make my debut as an exhibitor. i HIGHLY recommend doing this if you are at all considering showing at NSS. definitely walk the show first! it is an invaluable experience to get to see first-hand not only what the show is all about but just how BIG it is.

this trip was way different for me than the year before when i went in 2009 with my pal kate from custom paper works. it was so amazing and i remember we were so overwhelmed  just looking around and taking in all the paper goodness! i mean, it. is. BIG. (and i heard it used to be WAY bigger!)

the three years i have been to the show (including this year) it has included about 800-1000 exhibitors….so there is a LOT to see and even more to consider if you are exhibiting.

last year when i took my quick jaunt to NYC, i had a much different goal than the year before…in 2009 we went for fun and to see what it was all about and just see all the amazing eye candy.

in 2010 i went to NSS on a mission…i knew i wanted to see the whole show again, but in a more focused way… from the perspective of a potential exhibitor, taking in as much as i could. i also wanted to look into some new vendors on the supply side (where all the paper people, printers and other suppliers hide out!)…as well as network and meet some of the awesome people i had met on twitter and in the lets talk stationery forum in the previous year. (i bring this up because networking is a HUGE part of attending and exhibiting at the show, plus the show last year is really where my NSS journey began!)

so, during my 36-hour trip….

i had a fab lunch and walked the show with some of the girls from LTS

i met some of my twitter pals…

found some awesome stuff, loads of ideas and new vendors

and did some mini site-seeing while in route to javits in the awesome spring weather we had!
(not so much this year tho…rain, rain and more rain! blah!)

all in all, it was an AWESOME trip that got me super excited and a little more prepared for the loooooong road ahead getting ready for my debut at the show…

next up :: PART 2 — decision time!



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