sample packs!

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in the spirit of streamlining i’ve decided to clear out all of my random sample sheets, extra pocket folds, miscellaneous envelopes and liners and whatever other odds and ends i come across in the giant piles that are my studio(ish) area.

i thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to make up some sample packs, perfect for all you stationery designers and crafty types looking for fun little bits to make samples or scrapbook with! there is a decent quantity of a few items that will be sold as one lot (i.e. 75 envelopes in one color/size)… otherwise, the packs will be a mix of paper, pockets, envelopes, backing layers, belly bands, etc.

i anticipate having 20+ sample packs and they’ll probably cost around $10-20 each depending on how many goodies fit…and everything will be set up with a shopping cart so it’ll be easy breezy to just buy on the spot….stay tuned for the link to shop in the next week or two!


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