make a list, check it twice

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with three months to go until NSS 2012, it’s time to kick off my prep post series…and what better place to start than with a list?! being organized and on top of things is super important to maintaining any kind of sanity while getting ready to exhibit. especially if it’s your first time.

for me, it’s more organized chaos, but the lists are the glue that helps me hold it all together :) i’ll make all sorts of lists throughout the process, but this first one is one of the most important. why? it holds all of the major to-do items according to GLM’s timeline and due dates associated with them. meeting these dates (if using their services — which some you have no choice but to use them!) will save you money in the long-run. missing a date will either cost you more money and/or cause you to lose out on that service. the second list is my OWN basic show plan. a general list of things to do to help keep me focused and on track.

so…..you guessed it…

tip #1 :: make a list! or borrow mine :) either way, do your very best to stay organized and hold yourself to the lists as best you can throughout the process. it is by no means a perfect science, so adjustments will be made as needed, but, there are some things that are set in stone, so keep those top of mind!

NOTE :: the lists below only includes things that apply to my booth, so if you’re getting ready to exhibit, be sure to read through the setup manual thoroughly to make sure you have all the dates and info you need! (plus, sometimes they update them so keep an eye on the NSS site!)

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