a shiny new shop. just in time for the holidays!

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time sure is flying! can you believe the holiday season is right around the corner! um, me either!

i loooove the holidays but i’m even more excited this year…why, you ask? because i’m getting an early christmas present!! i am FINALLY (seriously. if i could make this bold times a million, i would!!!) about to launch my shiny new shop!!


if you have followed along for a while, you know that this shop has been FOREVER in the making, perpetually almost ready and a major labor of love. i cannot WAIT to get this shop opened up for you all to see ….. and just in time for holiday shopping! eek! which is perfect, because we’ll even have a gift-wrapping option for most items!

the shop will have the full line of mtbs paper goodies — notepads with shiny gold gilded edges, note sets and notebooks, gift wrap, holiday cards (including new photo cards!!) and everyday greetings — and accessories like iphone cases and more…all with tons of fun color and shiny gold foil (of course!). plus, we’ll be adding our whole wedding line in time for wedding season! yippee!!



we’ll also be doing some giveaways, so make sure to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about the launch and to get a superfun deal! you can sign up here and it’s super easy to share with your friends, too. which we’d super appreciate! :)

stay tuned for more and sign up to stay in the loop!


all holiday photos by caroline and evan photography


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