shiny new shop. is. OPEN!!!!!!

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oh, hello there! just checking in with an UPDATE! and it’s a good one…i couldn’t be more excited to FINALLY be announcing that the new SHOP IS OPEN!!!!! yay hooray!!!

you know…the perpetually-almost-done shop? yep, that’s the one! and it’s finally ready!!! yippeeeee! (did i mention i’m excited?!)

you guys, it’s been SO long in the making. we’re talking years. (but you already knew that if you’ve been following along) all the thinking, planning and researching…then the something like two years in the ACTUAL making. aside from all the delays the shop has gone through lots of iterations and evolutions as my brand and product line evolves…it’s been a true labor of love…but here we are! open for business…and just in time for the holidays!! hooray!

i’d LOVE if you’d stop by to check it out and share with your friends too! there’s tons of fun stationery + paper gifts, plus iphone cases and gift wrap to wrap it all up! or, we’ll gift wrap for you in our signature look!

follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram to find out about all that’s shiny + new (and SALES + GIVEAWAYS!!) 

happy shopping!!



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