it’s been waaaayy too long!

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a big hello! and whoa. it’s been FORever! i’m still here and a super busy bee (hence the looong silence!). soooo much has happened in the past few months! i have lots of fun new stuff to share in the coming weeks!

for now a few quick things…

first. the mtbs brand got a little makeover!!! SO excited about it… it’s so me and (i think) the perfect evolution of my brand.

the updated logo incorporates a version of my “happy arrow” design (that i’ve been having so much fun using in a few new products too!)…it seemed like a perfect fit and the “mark” that my brand has been missing. i thought it was such a fun way to incorporate more of my full color palette into the logo, too! and it complements the candy stripes pattern i use as an accent graphic and in lots of products too!

oh, and the update also involves the touch of glam i’d always planned to incorporate — shiny gold of course! ahhhh. just right. all these little details add up to the “casual luxury” aesthetic behind my designs and the perfect look for mtbs. i hope you love it!

me and my shiny new brand went back to nss this year too, with over 100 new paper goodies and a shiny new booth design in tow! (we built it this year so lots more to come on that!) it was tons of work but the show was AMAZING. insane as always (especially the prep leading up to it topped off by a house fire the week before the show! we had to move out for over a month!!! :/ ) but, it all worked out and the show went better than i could have hoped for —  tons of awesome new stores added (updated list coming soon!), some super amazing new connections made and maybe the best part…catching up with old friends.

now, here i am (in nearly the middle of summer(??) seriously. where has the time gone?!) busy filling nss and wedding orders, working out details of some exciting new things (!) and definitely trying to take take in the summer while it lasts!

that’s the quick update for now! but the whole new line will be available in my new shop — which yes, is STILL in the works. *sigh* BUT is getting very close and am hoping for a launch still this summer.*fingers and toes crossed*!

BUT, you can still check out the paper goodies catalog and let me know if you’d like to order something! or if you have a retail store and would like to carry mtbs in your shop, drop me a line!

ok, that’s all for now! but stay tuned for lots more updates and an nss recap too!




yay hooray! my shiny new site is LIVE!!!

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yay hooray!! it’s been a looooonng time coming, but it’s finally here!!! the shiny new meant to be sent website is live!

i am so beyond excited to announce the new site and can’t wait to hear what you all think of it!

the site is the result of a pretty epic design collaboration that started well over a year ago. (YES. a YEAR.) that’s when i realized that, as a designer, it’s pretty hard to design for yourself. so after much searching for the perfect partners, i finally enlisted the help of some fab designers to help bring my vision to life!

and some pretty big thank yous are in order…

first things first…
mtbs got a complete overhaul, so it started with branding. i had a LOT of ideas of what i wanted for my new look and kendra from hi design helped me sort it all out. we worked closely together to come up with the new design…it turned out that two heads were better than one and our collaboration was the perfect look. she also brought my pattern ideas to life and put together an amazing color and font palette. i can’t thank kendra enough for her patience, ideas and general awesomeness. major xo :D

then came the site…
once i had the general look nailed down, i collaborated with lauren at aeolidia on the site design. lauren was equally awesome and i loved working with her! she took my zillion ideas and plans and molded them into something amazing. and, was so patient! her willingness to collaborate made it so fun to bounce things back and forth until we came up with a look that was just right. huge thanks to lauren and aeolidia for all their help and guidance in this huge project!! thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

what took a year?! good question :) i wrapped up working with those fab girls quite a while ago, but launching a new site is a TON of work. i had all sorts of delays on my end and still had a few pages to design…then, the more time that passed the more my brand evolved as did the site design. so some tweaks here and refinement there and a TON of work in to styling the content areas to make it all flow in a cohesive but unique structure…and…then there was the photography debacle of 2011. it took forever to find just the right photographer and stylist (more on this in another post!!) enter caroline & evan photography and lauren from every last detail…these girls ROCK. they were just the combo i was looking for and the last piece of the puzzle…and then…

there was the coding. oh my the coding…i have a basic understanding of coding, but um..yea, no. i stay out of that! that was alllll joseph from the producer studio. and he did an amazing job. i can’t thank him enough for all his hard work, patience and insight. seriously awesome work!


tada! the new meant to be sent
so what’s shiny and new? everything!! the new site is a cozy new home for my designs with a focus on custom work. it’s alllll about the pretty pictures…of course there’s details and info and all that, but it’s really a place to show the work.

be sure and check out our readymade (style library and signature) and custom wedding + party invitations…and if you’re a retailer, be sure to check out our wholesale section! we’ve also got a list of stores where you can buy the new style library designs (with more coming soon!) and tons of details about ordering custom designs.

that’s not all…our new online shop is just around the corner, launching later this summer! it’ll be packed with all of the style library and signature collection designs along with a whole new line of paper goodies — notebooks, notepads, cards, giftwrap and more! i cannot wait to share it with you!

be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop and be the first to hear about all the deals and steals and when the new shop is open!

have a look around! i hope you love it!


make a list, check it twice

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with three months to go until NSS 2012, it’s time to kick off my prep post series…and what better place to start than with a list?! being organized and on top of things is super important to maintaining any kind of sanity while getting ready to exhibit. especially if it’s your first time.

for me, it’s more organized chaos, but the lists are the glue that helps me hold it all together :) i’ll make all sorts of lists throughout the process, but this first one is one of the most important. why? it holds all of the major to-do items according to GLM’s timeline and due dates associated with them. meeting these dates (if using their services — which some you have no choice but to use them!) will save you money in the long-run. missing a date will either cost you more money and/or cause you to lose out on that service. the second list is my OWN basic show plan. a general list of things to do to help keep me focused and on track.

so…..you guessed it…

tip #1 :: make a list! or borrow mine :) either way, do your very best to stay organized and hold yourself to the lists as best you can throughout the process. it is by no means a perfect science, so adjustments will be made as needed, but, there are some things that are set in stone, so keep those top of mind!

NOTE :: the lists below only includes things that apply to my booth, so if you’re getting ready to exhibit, be sure to read through the setup manual thoroughly to make sure you have all the dates and info you need! (plus, sometimes they update them so keep an eye on the NSS site!)

click on the images to enlarge them!



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it’s that time of year again…time to get ready for the national stationery show!!

this year, i’ll be writing a series of posts sharing lots of tips as well as chronicling my adventures as i get ready for the show this may. i’d planned to do this last year but time definitely got away from me while getting ready for my first show. hopefully things will be much less crazy this time around! stay tuned to find out!


sample packs!

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in the spirit of streamlining i’ve decided to clear out all of my random sample sheets, extra pocket folds, miscellaneous envelopes and liners and whatever other odds and ends i come across in the giant piles that are my studio(ish) area.

i thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to make up some sample packs, perfect for all you stationery designers and crafty types looking for fun little bits to make samples or scrapbook with! there is a decent quantity of a few items that will be sold as one lot (i.e. 75 envelopes in one color/size)… otherwise, the packs will be a mix of paper, pockets, envelopes, backing layers, belly bands, etc.

i anticipate having 20+ sample packs and they’ll probably cost around $10-20 each depending on how many goodies fit…and everything will be set up with a shopping cart so it’ll be easy breezy to just buy on the spot….stay tuned for the link to shop in the next week or two!



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i finally took a break this weekend!! i got some much needed fresh air and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. we took a little stroll to the lake (above), had a deliciously decadent dinner at j. alexanders (my fave) to celebrate getting everything out. the. door! and had some fun family time at my nephew’s soccer game and a b-day party. and tonight, i started my epic cleanup mission after a year long paper-design-mountain of boxes-samples-binders-printing-palooza! i know, i know…cleaning is technically work. BUT. it was almost like a reward to get to (almost) see my dining room table and most of the floors again! and even more exciting…i can finally get rid of the extra 8-ft table that has been hanging out in my living room! tons more cleaning to do and i am sensing a studio yard-sale coming soon…but for now, back to regularly scheduled life. :) yippieeeee!


reflecting on the past, future + making things happen

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wow! the post below was written back in APRIL and it has now been almost a YEAR since my making things happen experience! for some reason, i was not ready to post this back in april, but as the making things happen tour kicks off again, and i am FINALLY about to embark on my own rebranding (+ a million other things!) and have had so many great things happen since that day in january, it seems appropriate to go ahead and hit that “publish” button now…and…i am going to leave it just as i left off with it. so take a trip back in time to april and read on :)

•    •   •   •   •

taking a look back, 2009 was a crazy year for me, as it was for most. because of that i approached the new year with a great deal of excitement and hope for the year ahead and wanted nothing more than to make sure 2010 was filled with good things and less stress than the year before. i was on a mission for sure. then i found out about making things happen and lara casey. i didn’t quite know why, but i knew i had to go…and after finding out the intensive tour stopped in chicago, it just felt right and i knew i needed to be there. and so i went.

it’s been just over two months since i hopped that plane to chicago. i went there bursting with excitement and uncertainty and left with that same excitement, but multiplied by like a million!  the word “intensive” is exactly what it was. it was an opportunity to take an intense hard look at yourself and your business while other attendees did the same. and as if that isn’t hard enough, then you share. you share your thoughts, hopes dreams and all of the little details that make you, you. THAT is intense. the stories and experiences that were shared throughout the day were touching and inspiring. i was lucky enough to part of a more intimate group which made for an even more intense and deeper look at each person. and then there was the one-on-one with lara and jeff. i was amazed at how they were able to listen, digest and give spot on advice just for me after a full day of being fed so much information from all of us. but what an opportunity…it forced me to look at the good and the bad and the scary and how to take all of those things and use them to make things happen for myself. and so i am :) going into 2010 i had plans. big plans. but going to MTH2010 inspired me beyond what i thought was possible and both affirmed and strengthened my ideas and excitement for the year ahead. i left the intensive with some amazing advice, a more intense passion and excitement, some fabulous new friends and more ideas than my head has room for!

one of the most interesting and important pieces i took away was how important it is to be authentic—to be true to who i am and focusing on that I AM my brand. so you will be seeing a lot more of me { even an actual picture! } and my story and my brand evolve before your very eyes :) of course there will be invitations and paper galore but with that will come some fun lifestyle posts and lots of talk about all things design.

the past two months have been a whirlwind, a flurry of thoughts and ideas and i am so excited about what is next for me and my business and can’t wait to see what i can make happen next. thanks lara!

so. needless to say, i am excited for this year and what is ahead and i am hoping to announce some BIG things soon!

•    •   •   •   •

so, what has happened since that post? adding my picture to twitter…check. authenticity…for sure. making all sorts of amazing connections and learning the power of twitter…yep! amazingly, just those small things have led to some much bigger things. i reached a big goal by being featured on some of my favorite wedding blogs (style me pretty, EAD and papercrave!) and now i am developing my brand new stationery collection with big plans to debut at the national stationery show in may 2011. all. by. myself. (eeeek!) which means i am also introducing a wholesale part of my business and about to get started on rebranding / refreshing my look and site (with some super cool features!)…and i am now offering branding + design services to other wedding pros and small businesses, which i am super excited about!! and though there is still not one ounce of space left in my head for them, there are so many more ideas and plans in there and in the works…and you can be sure that i am doing everything possible to make each super fun new idea happen….like. now. :)

much more to come…stay tuned!

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