oh 2013…

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oh 2013, where to begin. you were quite the year, my friend….a good one but also a tough one that was full of challenges that, at times, seemed to be one. after. the. other. there were major misunderstandings. insulting situations. some big disappointments. oh and our house caught on fire. it was quite the roller coaster ride.

there were moments of being proud, humbled, excited, scared, stressed beyond belief, mad, sad, frustrated, confused, happy, determined, relieved and exhausted. let’s just say i definitely learned a lot this year…about everything…myself, my business, who my friends are, just how much pressure and stress i can handle and when enough’s enough.

so yea…you, 2013 were a doozy. don’t get me wrong though…there was lots of good this year, too! some really good things…so let’s go out on a high note and focus on some highlights, kay? :)

here goes…

actually, the year started off pretty great… i was selected as one of stationery trends magazine’s 10 designers to watch in 2013. a huge honor that i was so proud and humbled to receive. (and in great company!) so awesome.

Header-600x380 mtbs_10designers

then, january – april was pretty much a blur. i was crazy busy at work prepping for and art directing a photoshoot in LA —  a great experience and saw some much needed sunshine!


i also decided to return to NSS this year (after sitting out in 2012)…so from january – april i was also in the process of finalizing my new line of paper goodies (over 100 new products!), and i decided to refresh the mtbs brand and build my own booth this year, too…soooo things were pretty crazy with lots of pieces that needed to fall into place leading up to the show in may.


just when things were starting to come together…we had a fire at our house. the week before NSS. not good. thankfully we were ok and the damage could have been a lot worse. but with the show just a week away, the whole thing was a logistical nightmare. we had to move to a hotel which made it absolute madness to finish getting ready, but, managed to pull it together (thank you times a million to my boyfriend jon and my good friend kate. seriously couldn’t have done it without you!) 

i really wasn’t sure what to expect this year with the new line, but i knew i was really excited about it and proud of all the hard work i had put into it over the previous year and a half. at this point it was so great just to have made it to the show and have it all come together. that was almost enough right there!





but to top it off, the show was awesome…i was so happy about how well-received everything was. plus, i met some awesome new friends, caught up with some old pals and ended up reaching my goal of having my line in 50 stores by the end of this year! yippie! 

after NSS we ended up living in the hotel for another month while they finished repairs and cleanup from all the smoke damage. we couldn’t wait to get back home.


once we finally moved back in, i spent most of the summer filling show orders…

64407_3290112267748_439875163_n 599739_3481414730190_1892013986_n


but i managed to sneak in a quick little weekend getaway to the bahamas with my sister. ahhhh…a much needed break!



^ that’s me, windblown and catchin’ some rays :)

then a couple of almosts happened…

i got some amazing new contacts while exhibiting, too…some of which led to some really exciting opportunities. over the summer i was working with a major clothing retailer that was planning to carry a special line of my note cards that i’d customized just for them to coordinate with their holiday collection. it was so exciting…i’d signed on the dotted line ‘n everything! but it fell through at the last minute when they pulled all “gift” type items from their plans. *sigh* (major sad face) still, an amazing contact to have and i had a great experience working with them, learning along the way. maybe next year!

around the same time, i was contacted by two big magazines (one being my absolute favorite. what a DREAM email that was to receive!) … both were interested in featuring items from my holiday line in their december issues. so. exciting. then those fell thru. again. both of them. at the last minute. *super sad face* ahhh! thiiiissssss close…seriously, had any one of these worked out it certainly would have made for a very different (read: awesome!) holiday for mtbs…fingers (and toes) crossed for next year! :D

the year wrapped up with something ALMOST as exciting…just before the holidays i FINALLY launched my new shop, which had literally been years in the making (so. many. delays.). so it was really really great and a huge relief to finally open the shop’s virtual doors in late november.


there were other lots of other little victories, fun adventures and happy dances along the way. but that’s the quick highlight reel with some almost-super-awesome moments mixed in :)

it’s kind of crazy how taking a minute to stop and reflect on the past year can give great perspective heading into the new year…celebrating the good stuff and letting go of the not so great stuff. i’m ready for a fresh start and to leave this year behind and make 2014 a great year. i’m hopeful, super excited and can’t wait to see what new adventures it holds.

so here’s to a super happy, shiny + bright new year for all!




peacock extras!

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here are just some of the coordinating items that go with the original decadent peacock invite!

menus, fan programs, thank you notes, place cards, save the dates and more!







holiday cards are here!

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these are super fun! made with french pop-tones paper colors, and patterned paper from american crafts they are the perfect blend of modern and traditional holiday! there are four colors, two die cut shapes and 60 patterns…so each pack is bound to be unique! buy just snowflakes, just trees, or a mix of both! sold in packs of eight, includes 6″ square white envelopes.

and don’t forget our coordinating tree gift tags! also sold in packs of eight.

click here to buy cards!

click here to buy gift tags!


and even better, these have a recycled element to them—we used the punched out scraps to make the tags below!



shannon fall invitation

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this invitation is a fresh take on fall colors. kiwi and cranberry add a dramatic richness to the season’s palette and set the tone for a unique and gorgeous fall event.


just dotty baby shower invite

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welcome a new baby in style with this simple shower invite. here we used polkadot graphics and baby blue type on the front side to complement the adorable patterned paper by american crafts to make this super cute design!


alyson baptism invite

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this invitation was inspired by the pretty in pink announcement. the delicate scalloped doiley edge is the perfect accent for this delicate invitation. the invite is printed on vellum which is just translucent enough to show the picture on the layer below. they are secured together with alyson’s signature pink satin ribbon.


book now for fall and winter weddings and parties!

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now is a great time to book for your fall and winter events! warm, rich and shimmery colors work really well for these designs! add some graphic branches or embossed snowflakes for a truly unique look!

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